Specialty and Collector Car Financing

Normal banks and Credit Unions don’t understand the exotic, classic and specialty car market.  They don't understand how to value a classic vehicle that may be decades old or a rare exotic sports car. They are uncertain of the risks, and they don’t see the potential rewards. For these reasons, most banks simply don't do it.

Woodside Credit is a bank that understands this market and has been the leading exotic, classic and specialty car lender for over a decade.  They are even Endorsed by Barrett-Jackson!

The Woodside Credit program offers the lowest possible payment with terms up to 144 months.

Expect down payments ranging from 10% to 30% with interest rates ranging from 5% to 10% depending on credit worthiness.

For the enthusiast who is looking to purchase an exotic, classic, or specialty vehicle which they plan on owning for an extended period, the Woodside Credit program is a smart move.         

Please feel free to visit their Website for any additional information by clicking the following link https://www.woodsidecredit.com/